the Century model starts at 3900.00

Bruton Guitars prides itself in being not only   innovative but diverse in design and scope.           The Century model is another brand new model that   is exemplary of this trend. 

The century is parallel braced, light weight and very             responsive. In addition, there is the option of a 21 fret neck   or a 24, giving you two full octaves. Graceful flowing             curves, an asymmetrical body profile and full upper             register access gives this guitar a look and playability           that is unsurpassed.

The Century is a 16” arch top, the top and back plates are carved, graduated and voiced. It       is available in both thin body (1.5” rim)             and full body (3”rim). You can order an             acoustic version of this instrument or             with a pickup(s) of your choice. 

the Century model 24 fret
the Century model 21 fret