The Hampden uppercut & doublecut were Bruton Guitar’s first        solid body models. The Hampden's deliver! They cooperate           willingly with any pickup configuration or playing                        style thrown at them—everything from clean and glassy               tones to country "honk" and high-gain situations. 

         The Hampden models feature a bolt-on, 3-piece neck  construction for increased stability. they're physically very         well balanced with 21 or 24 frets and full upper register                    accessibility. It comes standard in a 25.5 inch fret                                                                         scale length.

The uppercut comes with both neck and bridge         position pickups, a 3-way blade switch and a             vintage style fixed bridge.

Hampden doublecut  starts at 1850.00

The Hampden doublecut comes standard with neck,                    middle and bridge position single coil pickups, a 5-way               blade switch and a vintage tremolo bridge. 

         Hampden uppercut     starts at 1800.00

Hampden Skyline  starts at 1900.00

The Hampden "Skyline” is a supremely well-crafted instrument. Brought to life in true Bruton             fashion it shines in both construction and visual detail. Asymmetrical body contours, graceful              flowing curves, and select materials make this guitar a visual gem. And, it plays and performs like         a champ. Well balanced both physically and tonally, with its chambered body, the Skyline sits              easy on the shoulder and is far more resonant than its solid body counterpart. 

It comes standard with both neck and bridge single coil pickups. From neck to bridge position,          you can go from creamy to as much spank and honk as you can handle and if that doesn't                satisfy your sonic palate; you've got the option of dual P90s, dual humbuckers, etc. Finally, a              3-way blade switch, volume, and tone control keeps the Skyline familiar and easy to                       control. 

The Skyline should be a new and active member in your guitar arsenal.        Whether you're looking for an addition to your studio or a killer                   guitar to play live night after night, the Skyline delivers amazing                 tone and an absolute superb feel.