Bruton Guitars Refinishing & Restorations

Bruton Guitars specializes in custom finish work. We take pride in our color matching abilities to make dings, dents and other imperfections nearly disappear. 

We fully restore and refinish just about anything. Whether it's a classic piece or a guitar that just needs a new look, we can build it, re-build it and dress it up accordingly.



This guitar had been finished once before- over its original factory finish. We stripped all the finish off and found a nice clear piece of Alder underneath. The customer decided on trans-orange. We shot this guitar in nitrocellulose lacquer.

The top on this Gibson acoustic had seen better days. The customer requested that we build a replacement top with X bracing instead of the original ladder bracing. We shot a sunburst to match the original color scheme.

This '67 lefty Tele was a fun project. When this guitar came to me, the edges had been grossly rounded over and mis-shapen. Someone had routed the neck pickup cavity freehand to accommodate a larger pickup.

We plugged the pickup cavity and routed for the appropriate neck pickup, thickness-ed the body to sharpen up the edges, shot the body in a well-aged Olympic White, including light fastness and lacquer checking. This guitar looked the part.

These are just a few examples of the kinds of projects                     Bruton Guitars Handles daily.

If you have inquiries regarding a project, don't           hesitate to call 585-738-9940