Bruton Guitars - Repairs

Bruton Guitars offers an extensive list of repair services. We do everything from your typical "garden variety" repair work, like setups and pickup installs to the most complicated and involved projects. "We're equipped to do just about anything- and we have".  

Our ethos is reliability, consistency and to provide our customers with the highest quality workmanship at every opportunity, with an emphasis on customer service.

Services that we provide, the short list:

any and all setup work, any and all fret work, including fret leveling, re-crowns and full refrets. Neck resets, bridge resets, any and all acoustic related repairs including addressing loose braces, top, back and side cracks. Any and all cosmetic related work. Pickup installations and other electronic work. Routing new cavities for pickups, bridges, etc. Addressing broken headstocks, replacing a broken truss rod, fabricating parts and pieces. Assembling parts guitars and bringing "wall-hangars" back to life and in music making order. Don't see something in this list? Just call!

63 Kirkgate Dr

Spencerport, NY 14559


Tel: Call or text 585-738-9940

Neck resets, both acoustics and some electrics
Recessing a bridge and
routing for new pickups
Fabricate and install a new bridge
Repairing a side crack
Refrets on all fingerboards