Universal uppercut & doublecut starting at 3650.00

The Universal is a prime example of a relatively new trend in arch tops. It most certainly draws from tradition; it's constructed in the same manner as some of its earlier counterpart’s but, in a much smaller and sportier package. Just like the original arch tops that took inspiration from cello construction so does the Universal.

The top and back plates are carved and graduated for optimum vibration. The Universal comes standard with parallel bracing but the option for a small center block that connects the top and back just below the bridge is also available.

Unlike most large arch top electrics, which tend to feed back in uncontrollable ways, the Universal tends to feed back in a desired harmonic range within the note you’re playing, giving you a far more controlled, resonant and never-ending, feedback sustain.

Like all custom shop Bruton’s, this one is no exception- there are plenty of options. The Universal comes standard in a 25.5” fret scale length but can be ordered any way you like. We’ve built 24.5” and 25” FSL as well. It can be ordered with a 21 or 24 fret neck. And as far as pickup selection is concerned- the sky’s the limit.

Universal doublecut
Universal uppercut